Asoka The Geek talks to Designer Barry Bradfield of Diamond Select Toys
       Youtube; 10/06/20

Diamond Select Toys & Gentle Giant Ltd. Comic-Con@Home 2020
       Youtube; 07/25/20

Collector's Corner Interview with Diamond Select Designer Barry Bradfield
       Previews World; 08/06/18
Behind the Bat-Scenes with Bruce, Dick and Alfred
       13th Dimension; 05/24/18
Adam West Launched A Thousand Comics Careers
       13th Dimension; 06/11/17
The Making of Diamond's Robin '66 Statue
       13th Dimension; 05/03/18
Diamond's Batman '66 Bookworm Bust
       13th Dimension; 12/17/16
Diamond's Eartha Kitt Catwoman Bust
       13th Dimension; 11/17/16
First Official Pix of Diamond's King Tut '66 Bust
       13th Dimension; 09/18/16
First Official Pix of Diamond's Mad Hatter '66 Bust
       13th Dimension; 08/18/16
Behind The Scenes with Diamond's Batman '66 Statue
       13th Dimension; 08/12/16
Building Batman '66:  Diamond's Catwoman Bust
       13th Dimension; 01/12/16
Building Batman '66:  Diamond's Wild Mr. Freeze Bust
       13th Dimension; 01/01/16
Building Batman '66:  Diamond's Gorshin Riddler Bust
       13th Dimension; 12/20/15
Building Batman '66:  Diamond's Penguin Bust
       13th Dimension; 11/22/15
Building Batman '66:  Diamond Select's Joker Bust
       13th Dimension; 11/11/15
Behind The Scenes With The Batgirl '66 Bust
       13th Dimension; 10/21/15
Building Batman '66:  Diamond's Robin Bust
       13th Dimension; 10/01/15
Building Batman '66:  Diamond's Select Batman Bust
       13th Dimension; 09/19/15
Exclusive First Look:  Diamond's Egghead Bust
      13th Dimension; 09/12/15
Holy Bat-Interview!  Batman Classic TV Product Designer Barry Bradfield Opens Up
       Diamond Select Toys; 09/08/15
Tomb Raider Minimates:  Talking Shop With Diamond Select Toys
      Official Tomb Raider Blog; 08/27/13
New York Comic Con's Minimates Tenth Anniversary Exhibit A Big Hit
       Raving Toy Maniac; 10/23/12
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